20th Anniversary Signature Box Set


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“People kept asking us for that early vinyl. There’s something romantic about taking a record out of a sleeve, putting the needle down, walking away, and listening to an album. We love the process of writing an entire album. That’s something we want to preserve.” – Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan

This is it. The Exclusive, Limited Edition, 20th Anniversary Signature Box Set …plus a brand new exclusive release of rarities from The Crystal Method. This special release is limited to 1,000 pressings — all five studio albums, plus a brand new release of rarities and previously unreleased material — 11 disks in all including:

Vegas (Double Album) – Originally released August, 1997.
Tweekend (Double Album) – Originally released July, 2001
Legion of Boom (Double Album) – Originally released January, 2004
Divided by Night (Double Album) – Originally released May, 2009
The Crystal Method (Double Album) – Originally Released January, 2014
Rarities (Single Album) – Unreleased

The Crystal Method limited the box set to just 1,000 copies in order to provide an unrivaled experience for listeners. They remastered each album and printed on high quality vinyl. Vegas and Tweekend boast their iconic and original out-of-production cover design while the album art for Legion of Boom, Divided By Night, and The Crystal Method are limited editions exclusive to this box set. Each box is numbered and autographed and includes original tour stickers and laminated, autographed All Access passes from the Vegas tour.


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