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The Crystal Method: Vegas Week Recap

Posted on December 2, 2015

We’re celebrating 20 years of Crystal Method music and digging up some old memories from our first couple of albums.

Here’s what you missed on Vegas week…

We went digging through Crytsalwerks and found these long lost promo pictures from when Vegas was first released (circa. 1997.) We were trying to look like serious and mysterious; do you think we pulled it off?

vpromo1  vpromo3 vpromo4 vpromo5vpromo2




After sifting through the crates, we picked out 14 of our favorite Crystal Method tracks. Take a sonic journey through the past twenty years with our personal favorites now streaming on the
TCM – 20 Year Playlist 


You can listen to all of our music from the last twenty years with the 20th Anniversary Signature Box Set. Pre-order is still available, but there will only be 1,000 copies made. Secure yours today: